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London 2012 was promised to be an Olympics for the people. But so fare this is not the impression I or other athletes have of the games taking place this summer.

Olympic Games For Everyone- is a well used phrase getting old. I can understand that people what to make money out of the games but this has gone to fare. The tickets are just too expensive!! Even though as an athlete I get special tickets for my family it will cost 650-700£. If this isn't bad enough children down to the age of only 6 months have to pay full prize!! If you add these prizes to the costs of plane tickets and accommodation it turns out to be a lot of money.
Rowing is not a sport that will make you rich. There is no prize money to cover costs like these. Is it right that athletes can't afford to compete in front of their family and closest friends at the Olympic games? All the sacrifices my family have made and all the support they have showed me through all these year. Don't they deserve to watch me row in London? This may be the only chance my children get to watch their dad compete at the Olympic games.

I sympathise with all of you that can't afford to come and watch the games. With is in mind I will continue preparing for one of the biggest races of my life.


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