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Olaf finished third in todays semifinal and is qualified for the A-Final in the mens single sculls. He also qualified the Norwegian mens single scull for the fourth consecutive year. If Olaf attends the Rio Olympic Games it will be his sixth!

If so he will become a member of a most exclusive club:

7 Olympics apperances: Lesley Thompson

6 Olympics apperances: Václav Chalupa, Jüri Jaanson, Elisabeta Oleniuc Lipă, Jiří Pták, James Tomkins

5 Olympics apperances: Jack Beresford, Kathrin Boron, Iztok Čop, Rumyana Dzhadzharova-Neykova, Rossano Galtarossa, Elena Georgescu-Nedelcu, Doina Ignat, Pertti Karppinen, Ekaterina Khodatovich-Karsten, Raffaello Leonardo, Yuri Lorentsson, Aleksandr Lukyanov, Mike McKay, Constanţa Pipotă-Burcică, Steven Redgrave, Nico Rienks   935


Borch and Tufte Conquer HOCR
Boston / Cambridge, Massachusetts
October 20, 2012

22 year-old Kjetil Borch woke up this morning looking forward to burning some gunpowder at today’s 48th Head of the Charles® regatta.   2042


The Farmer Bounces Back
Norwegian single-sculler Olaf Tufte began August of 2012 on a low note, finishing third in the “B” final at the Olympic games – ninth overall. He returned to the family farm at Nykirke angry at his performance.   2798

Tufte guy rowing by the seat of his pants
By Kate Holton

LONDON (Reuters) - Farmer, fireman, challenger extraordinaire and underwear model - Norway's double Olympic sculling champion Olaf Tufte does not fit the bill of your average professional sportsman.   

Read the entire interview here

Back in Aviz
Olaf is in Aviz for the second time this year. The Norwegian rowers are spending 2 weeks in Portugal preparing for the first world cup. Olaf's family is also here part of the time.   1407

New Hope
Olaf likes new stuff. You always see him with brand new Oakleys, the latest in Samsung technology, a flash Giant bike and 2xu compression tights. But when it comes to rowing gear it's like he's stuck in the past. You see juniors with more impressive equipment than the double Olympic Champion. But this is all about to change (or is it???) Olaf has tried alot of new stuff in the past but always ended up back in the old boat. The golden boat. But something is different this time. During the last months I've seen the old man use a speedcoach for the first time ever and some days he's even rowed twice in the new boat. He is actually testing a new boat, new riggers and new oars. Is this a champion hungry for new victories or just a soon to be 40 year old man with a midlife crisis?   

South Africa
The Norwegian Olympic team is traininng at high altitude in South Africa. It's been a bit windy lately but this hasn't stopped the guys from getting on the water. Training is going good, the food is awesome and everyone seems to be happy. Frida Svensson is also there training with the boys.   

London 2012 was promised to be an Olympics for the people. But so fare this is not the impression I or other athletes have of the games taking place this summer.   1813

Rowing exercises in the gym
During the winter Olaf spends alot of time in the gym. Experts for the Olympic federation has help him develop good exercises for rowing. Watch him train: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns_5V6UwObI&feature=youtube_gdata_player   

Olaf will compete at the Timbersport World Campionships
This years Timbersport World Championships will take place in Norway 4 weeks after the Olympics. The Norwegian Timbersport Team has asked Olaf if he wants to join the team and compete at Worlds. Olaf has accepted the challenge. This means that he will have to practice chopping wood before the Olympics. Olaf says that it is hard training and that it will make him stronger.   1565

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